Just like a molecular structure the FAVO light network allows completely new approaches to illumination. By switching single light spots on and off FAVO makes it possible to generate various light scenes according to individual requirements.

The visionary illumination concept with three individually controllable spots at each light node brings light to any requested place in a room. Whether intensive, dramatic, softly dimmed, tightly focused or flood light – there are no limits for creative compositions in areas with continuously changing illumination needs.


Three spots per light node, equipped with lens technology and a beam angle of 18° each, arranged at a 30° angle in opposite directions. State-of-the-art LED technology with 3 x 1,7 watts and 500 lumens total luminous flux provide for homogeneous or wide-area lighting. The thermoplastic material with extremely high thermal conductivity ensures uniform cooling and an appealing look. Each spot can be separately controlled, switched and dimmed via the SATTLER Web Interface via Bluetooth and complete lighting scenarios can be created and saved individually.

Size: 800 x 693 mm


Concept and design:

Alexander Rybol, Head of Product Design, and Jürgen Gaiser, Executive Board Interior / Product Design, of blocher partners

Technical development and realization: SATTLER


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Options / Technical Information:

Specification sheet: FAVO LIGHT NET


Catalogue: NEWS


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