The University of the Arts, Berlin

13 light rings for a fantastic light ambience

The Berlin University of the Arts is one of the largest, most versatile and most traditional artistic universities in the world. The curriculum of the four faculties of Visual Arts, Design, Music and Performing Arts as well as the Central Institute for Extension Studies includes more than 40 courses the whole spectrum of arts and sciences. The history of the Berlin University dates back to the founding of the Brandenburg-Prussian Academy of Arts in 1696.

The concert hall of the Berlin University of the Arts

is one of the highlights of the Berlin cultural life. With its transparent foyer and its prudish clarity the concert hall of the Berlin University is an outstanding testimony of the Berlin construction culture of the fifties. Since 1995 the building, designed by the architect Paul Gotthilf Reinhold Baumgarten in 1954, is a declared historic monument. That’s why the choice of lighting elements in the concert hall was no coincidence as the existing style elements were taken up in form of the lights. Inspired by the round shape of the wall display located in the foyer, the ring-shaped pendant lights of the CIRCOLO series have been deliberately chosen. The contrasting circular design of the lights acts as a counterbalance to the otherwise exciting cubist architecture.

A light and acoustics perfection

For the recent realized renovation of the concert hall Sattler designed and produced 13 ring-shaped versions of the lights series “Circolo”, which have been equipped with white light and a programmable LED RGB color control. The lights can also be activated with a DMX interface in a music synchronic way. The resulting, unique lighting effects create a unique light atmosphere for any event. The floating light circles with a diameter of 2600 mm act as a solitaire work of art and inspire spectators and acteurs alike, right from the first event by the simplified design language.

Already in the development of the light fitting, a sound-reflective transparent acrylic panel was integrated into each lamp to improve the acoustics in the stage area. Almost invisible, the 13 light rings lead the sound back to the stage area like a false ceiling, contributing significantly to improved acoustics in the orchestra area. During the entire lighting installation, the safety aspects were very important. All components meet the B2 fire safety standard.

Planning and design: Office for Infrastructure Management of the Berlin University of the Arts, Robert Mueller, Anna Wolf and Heike Kampherm