The heritage-protected trade union building is a complex at Besenbinderhof in Hamburg-St.Georg. After an extensive 5-year renovation period, the historic music hall in the trade union building is now finished and stucco ceilings, reliefs and historic tiling work dating back to the 1920s can once again be admired.

You don’t have to be a unionist to appreciate the newly refurbished music hall for a moment. The grandeur of the hall with its height of 8.7 m and area of 380 sq.m relates to past times and tradition as well as to contemporary architecture. Blessed be the person who has a sense for such treasures and who nurtures old traditions. One glance suffices to know that experts worked here with love and know-how. Altogether, the stucco plasterers alone invested far more than 1,000 hours of work.

In order to achieve a striking lighting ambience, two large-scale luminaires by SATTLER were chosen. It is each a combination of two CIRCOLO ring luminaires with a diameter ranging between 3.5 and 2.6 metres. The specially designed ceiling suspension as well as the operating unit, which is hidden in the intermediate ceiling, enabled the integration of the luminaires with the stucco ceiling rosettes, thus preserving their originality.

Lighting design: HARTWIGHAHN  licht-fuer-architektur
Realization: révoluce GmbH  
Photography: Michael Voit


Product Info: CIRCOLO