City hall Kassel, Germany

    A modern, atmospheric lighting concept in the “Kongress Palais” of Kassel’s city hall

    In the banquet hall, known as Kolonnadenflügel, of Kongress Palais, 96 ACOUSTICLIGHTS designed by SATTLER, evoke perfect acoustics and a homogeneous, atmospheric lighting concept. Kassel’s Kongress Palais is one of the most beautiful historic conference centres in Europe. The combination of historical and modern architecture forms the perfect environment for successful events.

    As the Kolonnadenflügel has been completed, Kassel’s Kongress Palais today is more flexible for upcoming social occasions. The Kongress Palais now offers a floor space of 8.000 m² and can host up to 4.350 people. Hence, the city hall which was certified with the Green Globe is shaped up well for the future.

    The main hall has been equipped with 96 ACOUSTICLIGHTS which resulted in a large-scale illumination that is even controllable in its intensity on basis of the individual lights. The concept of homogeneous lighting combined with a noticeable reduction of reverberation periods therefore offers a double advantage. Especially for rooms with a high acoustic level and a need for excellent communication “ACOUSTICLIGHT” produced by SATTLER offers a significant improvement compared to the acoustics before. ACOUSTICLIGHT is available in several sizes, the lights are easy to assemble and if necessary easily exchangeable.

    Fascinating lighting effects in the foyer

    The bright and open foyer with an area of 974 m² used for trade fairs, lectures or as a lounge and catering-area is located in the lower parts of the Kolonnadenflügel. Three spacious 33m acrylic glass semi shells including LED/RGB-technology trigger a huge freedom for lighting and design. Whether white, dark blue, shining red, or mint green, individually adjustable RGB-controls elicit the appropriate lighting environment for every occasion.

    Extensive cooperation between the architect’s office Reichel and SATTLER was required to lead to the extremely satisfying result combining the great architecture of the Kongresspalais with a suitable, well thought-out lighting concept.

    Architect: Reichel Architekten BDA Kassel   © Photos: Constantin Meyer, Köln