SARTORIUS CAMPUS, Göttingen - Germany
SARTORIUS CAMPUS, Göttingen - Germany


The Sartorius Group is a leading international partner to the biopharmaceutical industry and the research sector.

With the construction of a new campus in Goettingen, the Group has focused on a future-oriented working environment that is also characterised by an innovative lighting concept.

The glass-covered atrium forms the central unit of the four-floor building and serves as a central meeting point for employees and customers. The large light-flooded space creates a pleasant quality of stay with a café and lots of greenery, and at the same time serves to provide access to all parts of the building with connecting walkways and stairs.

SATTLER luminous ceiling forms light bridges in the corridors of SARTORIUS

– Lighting on 3 levels from 44 sqm to an area of around 80 sqm –

The lighting with large-area luminous ceilings by SATTLER is completely integrated and follows the structures of the architecture.

Light bridges with a width of around 1.6 m run along the entire gallery on each floor. Each corridor on the floor above illuminates the corridor below with the built-in luminous ceiling. In this way, the corridors on all three levels gain height and provide the viewer with an even brighter and more open view of the building from the ground floor of the atrium.

The LED-equipped luminous ceiling elements in the light colour 4000K, manufactured and installed by SATTLER, impress with their completely homogeneous illumination.

The stretch foil used, with fire protection class B1, has a double-membrane design with an installation depth of only 10 cm. All the advantages of the double-membrane design, such as dust protection and thus, among other things, the guarantee of a long-lasting homogeneous light image, were also obvious to the client.

The experienced SATTLER installation team and the use of a high-quality stretch foil also ensured a clear and clean edge and corner appearance. This results in smooth connections, even in the course of the separate lighting lines on the individual floors due to architectural circumstances.

Standard luminaires of the SATTLER portfolio have also found their way into the offices. The AVVENI PENDANT 8 pendant luminaire with its eight flexible luminaire heads, which can be turned in any desired direction by means of a magnetic ball-and-socket joint, sets a striking, branched and movable accent above one of the conference tables.

Project: Fourm Sartorius AG
Architect: Bünemann & Collegen
Lighting Design: Studio DL
Photos: Dirk-André Betz
Entwurf und Ausführung: MOHO 1 GmbH, Frankfurt
Photos: ©MOHO 1 GmbH, Frankfurt

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