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SATTLER used a single rod luminaire in light sculptures that now poetically and dynamically brighten up the new company headquarters of Prinzing.

Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH in Eislingen near Stuttgart represents high-quality craftsmanship in electrical engineering solutions. SATTLER located in Göppingen impressively equipped the building of its new headquarters with the PALITO pendant luminaire. The light rods seem to be floating above the foyer, nearly as high as the building itself, as well as in the staff canteen, where they can unfold their full effect as a room object.

17 standard-sized PALITOS float in front of the company canteen. Oversized PALITO light rods were developed especially for the atrium of Prinzing with a room height of 16 m, and a pattern was created for suspending the six “PALITO clusters”, each consisting of 12 individual luminaires of almost two metres in length. Just as the standard-sized Palitos also in this custom solution each individual luminaire is suspended from only one off-centre cable per luminaire.

Light sculpture – surface arrangement – illuminated ceiling

A little industrial charm, brick walls on the outside and inside, bright, open, with a high-quality claim and the innovation power of modern craftsmanship – this is the message conveyed by the new company headquarters of Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH in Eislingen, about 50 km from Stuttgart. Visitors enter the building through a narrow, tunnel-like entrance that is pleasantly lit with a bright luminous ceiling element. Beyond it, the foyer soars upwards with a grand gesture, flooded by plenty of natural light. Visitors will feel as if entering an urban square here, with various areas, comfortable sitting corners, opportunities for informal exchange, coffee or simply to let their thoughts roam.

Architect: f.r.a. frank rögner architekt Weinstadt
Interior designer: männle Architektur und Design
Planning and installation: Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH
Photo: Tobias Fröhner


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Product info:

PALITO, awarded with the Focus Open in Gold 2018 and the German Design Award 2019