Orthodontic practice, Germany


Orthodontic practice Veronika Wolff

Crailsheim, Germany

Veronika Wolff’s orthodontic practice combines a friendly feel-good atmosphere with modern equipment. Seven treatment rooms and a separate consultation room are available for individual orthodontic care.

A friendly smile – the “Smiley” in the form of a customized SATTLER LUCE VERDE luminaire in combination with an AVVENI PENDANT 6 guarantees a friendly reception. The interesting play of light promotes dialogue and creates trust.

The right luminaire for every area…

Indirect batten luminaires and batten luminaires with RGB colour control in the waiting room ensure that patients can spend waiting time in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the treatment rooms, individually controllable U-TWO LED luminaires, especially developed for medical practices, fulfill the technical lighting requirements in the treatment area and create a pleasant glare-free lighting atmosphere for the patient.

Indirect light in the form of invisible linear LED light tracks emphasises the room architecture and, in combination with BE1 downlights, provides pleasant, glare-free basic lighting with additional guidance function through the corridor.

Architect: Udo Schneider, Weinstadt
Project participants: Thorsten Lange, NWD Stuttgart