Mercedes-Benz customer centre, Germany


Mercedes-Benz customer centre near Stuttgart

Employing 28,000 staff, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen is the biggest Mercedes facility worldwide and has been providing its customers with the opportunity to pick up their new Mercedes-Benz car personally since 1953.

Every year, numerous customers from all over the world make use of this individual on-site vehicle collection at the current customer centre which is integrated into the production plant. Therefore, when re-designing the vehicle collection area, great importance was given to a unique atmosphere which corresponds to the brand. In order to make the “new Mercedes” shine in perfect brightness at the very first contact, twenty large-dimensioned CIRCOLO lighting fixtures using LED technology were installed by SATTLER.

Each LED light fixture measures 6m in diameter, thereby producing a homogenous, glare-free illumination of the entire vehicle collection area.The light fixtures’ brightness can be precisely adapted to the respective daylight situation or to individual needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, the light fixtures also contribute considerably to an increased energy efficiency of the building. Due to their flat design of only 14 cm in height, the circular light rings, resembling luminous discs,  integrate themselves perfectly well into the interior architecture, thus creating a unique overall image.

Architect: Jangled Nerves, Stuttgart | Planning: LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart