Dr. Bernas’s new medical practice in Eislingen specialises in internal and palliative medicine. Its pleasant and fresh ambience is characterized by a kind team, along with spacious rooms in discreet colours and harmonious lighting, thus creating a positive environment for the patients.

Light fulfils various functions in a medical practice. Its subtle influence on our feelings is often underestimated. An agreeable lighting atmosphere can ease patients‘ anxieties, soothe trepidations and often creates confidence. Furthermore, ergonomic light is a pre-requisite for concentration and helps to make work less tiring.

The perfect luminaire for each area…

As the reception requires direct and indirect light, it has been fitted with two AVVENI pendant luminaires in combination with recessed lights from the AVVENI series, thus creating a striking and aesthetic lighting design.

Indirect light in the form of invisible, straight or bent LED light tracks accentuates the room architecture and generates beneficial, glare-free lighting, which also functions as a guidance system in the corridor.

Flexible, swivelling and tilting AVVENI downlights were harmoniously fitted into the acoustic ceiling in areas where guided and focused light was desired.

Wide-area lighting is provided by individually controllable LED lights, for example the SATTLER SKY luminaires. They perfectly fulfil the necessary requirements in the treatment area and create a non-glare light ambience, which is pleasant for the patients.

In addition to that, the slim DOPPIO LINEA pendant luminaire emits discreet direct/indirect lighting above the desk and supports comfortable conversations between the doctor and his patients.

The fresh and bright waiting area includes a largely dimensioned SLIM LED circular luminaire which emits harmonious light, thus complementing the overall positive appearance of the practice.

Architect: Architectural Office Scheer und Wahl, Eislingen