La Biosthétique Pforzheim


La Biosthétique

Pforzheim, Germany

„Life and beauty, nature and aesthetics – the combination of natural ingredients, state-of-the-art research and the passion for beauty have determined the philosophy of the La Biosthétique brand from day one. „The highest possible quality is not only an option, but a prerequisite. It is the root – for the Culture Of Total Beauty“, is how La Biosthétique describe their brand identity.

The locations in Pforzheim and Paris are representative of the heart and head of the company. Their passion for fashion and trends, and for life itself, is combined with analytical skills and production at the highest level.

Their feeling for aesthetics and beauty is also reflected in the stylishly designed premises at the Pforzheim location. Its clear architectural design in the foyer is supported by huge, circular lighting elements, such as the ANELLO luminaire, measuring seven metres in diameter, combined with acoustic elements. In order to create graceful illumination of the transparent meeting and office areas, elegant luminaires such as the DOPPIO ELLIPSE or SLIM were chosen, as well as indirect light strips combined with state-of-the-art control technology.

Architect:  Asal + Traub Architekten
Photography: NIkolay Kazakov