Kasseler Bank, Germany

Kasseler Bank


50’s style with latest technology…

The perfect combination of architectural style elements of the 50’s with a modern interpretation, are the core points of the complete renovation of the Kasseler Bank.

The shapes and colours of the interior design particularly resemble the current movement towards a revival of the 50’s design concepts and dominate the counter hall, which is the highlight of the entirely renovated bank building.

The hall is a two level open space and has a glass roof that complements the stylish atmosphere. The clear and straight look is supported by four of Sattler´s Highmoon Flat LED area lights.

The large-dimensioned light with a 2000mm diameter and a flat profile of just 60mm gives a filigree appearance. The high standard impression of the room is conserved by a brass coloured finishing of the lights.

Technical components are integrated in an especially developed cylindrical element, which suits perfectly to the trapeze suspension with its form and colour.


Architect: ErlenRuffenArchitektur | Lichtplanung: ErlenRuffenArchitektur |  Installationsplanung: Döring Beratende Ingenieure GmbH 

Productinfo: HIGHMOON FLAT