Karl Köhler GmbH, GERMANY

Karl Köhler GmbH


The new administration and social building at Karl Köhler GmbH, located in Besigheim, Germany, was planned to simultaneously function as a “built business card” as well as a lively community gathering space. The renowned Wittfoht architectural office, based in Stuttgart, was commissioned with the planning. The architects designed a two-storey building of distinctive visual clarity made of exposed concrete. One central hall is the representative and communicative centre point of the building. It is a meeting point as well as an event venue; in addition, all internal connecting routes can be reached via the hall.

The architect, Jens Wittfoht, describes the exquisite and unostentatious building as “resting in itself”. Its design has recently been awarded the third prize in the “GEPLANT + AUSGEFÜHRT” 2016 competition by Internationale Handwerksmesse München (International Trade Fair for Craft Trades Munich).

Four luminaires in three different diameter sizes from the Circolo product range were selected for the atrium and reception area and suspended from the ceiling. In his own words, architect Wittfoht was “convinced of the luminaire quality, their light colour as well as the light dispersion”. In addition to that, he said that the circular shape supported the creation of a centre and a meeting point in the building, thus acting as the atrium and reception area on the first floor in the Köhler project. “The design of the luminaire accentuates our architectural language due to its reduction, quality, lightness and transparency”, the architect elaborated.

Architect: wittfoht architekten, Prof. Jens Wittfoht / BDA I BDIA I SIA, Stuttgart
Photo: Brigida González, Stuttgart


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