Dental-Praxis Germany




The dental team of Dr. Sandra Mitrovic presents itself bright and friendly in their new rooms. In addition to the reduced, clearly structured interior design, special emphasis was placed on an efficient but also effective lighting solution. In close cooperation with the planner, a concept was created which takes into account the requirements of the doctor, staff and patients alike and conveys a positive atmosphere visible to all.

SATTLER – the right lighting concept creates confidence in medical practices

As a luminaire manufacturer with many years of experience in the conception and implementation of practice-specific lighting solutions, SATTLER offers a range of luminaires from its own production that can be tailor-made for each individual doctor’s office.

The right luminaire for every area

Already in the entrance and waiting area of this dental practice, GIOCO pendant luminaires in different sizes, with direct and indirect RGB controlled light, provide an effective ambience.

In the treatment rooms, individually controllable LED luminaires, specially developed for medical practices, fulfil the technical lighting requirements in the treatment area and create a pleasant glare-free lighting atmosphere for the patient.

The complete installation of the luminaires was carried out by the SATTLER installation team.


Planning: Flexservice Süd GmbH



Product info: GIOCO